Adaptation of Agroecological concepts and methodologies


The agriculture extension department is promoting sustainable use of its natural resources through the promotion of farming practices that aim at reducing the impacts that occur due to intense conventional farming methods through Agro ecological farming as an alternative to the Traditional, Milpa or conventional farming systems.


Capacity Building on agro-ecology concepts and methodologies, such as intercropping, and in the elaboration of organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Promotion of the concept through exchange visits and sharing of experiences.


Farmers are adapting the techniques they learnt. They are producing their own fertilizers and pesticides and have diversified their crops ensuring that less pests attack their crops.

Farmers have attested to the fact that their crop production is better, and safer for consumption because of the decrease use of chemicals.

The cost of production is reduced, when agroecological concepts are applied instead of conventional farming, which uses many chemical input.

Lecciones aprendidas

Capacity building and farmer's active participation go hand in hand in adaptation of new concepts.

It is important to find “actors of change”: interested farmers who are willing to try the new concepts before others join in.

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Período de implementación
Experiencia realizada en el marco del proyecto Municipios
  • Distrito de Cayo, Belice


  • Belize
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  • Biodiversidad
    • Uso sostenible
Temas transversales
  • Fortalecimiento de capacidades
  • Seguridad alimentaria

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